About Great Wall Enrichment Center

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Great Wall Enrichment Center is the after school learning program that parents dream to have.

The children not only learn Chinese, Pinyin, kung fu, math, English, art, ballet, chess, choir, and piano, they can also make a lot of friends who like to learn and have great discipline. We now have locations in Cleveland and Beachwood as well as Solon.

The school bell rings, where do your kids go?

Many walk home by themselves, turn on the TV, and wait until their parents are back from work. They are left without guidance or care, without activities to enrich their minds and bodies, and many are simply bored.

Great Wall Enrichment Center is here to fulfill yours and your kids' needs. It is a center that was started by nurturing parents just like you, who are devoted to their children's education. The Enrichment Center is a safe, yet social, environment that allows your kids to learn while having fun.

It is a great place to learn Chinese, and is the only Chinese School which opens every day in the Greater Cleveland Area.

Great Wall Enrichment Center is sponsored by the Chinese Professional & Entrepreneur Association (CPEA).

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