GWEC Instructional Staff

Gong E

Chinese Reading Teacher

Eva Gong - Chinese Critical Reading Teacher

Ms. Gong graduated from the prestigious Beijing Normal University and has over 10 years of teaching experience. Ms. Gong is highly specialized in standard mandarin pronunciation, and is practiced in Chinese Literature and History. She has garnered awards for her outstanding teaching plans, and her own literary work has been published in China. She started teaching at the Great Wall Enrichment Center in November 2009, often dividing the class by age group, ability and experience so that each student may get the proper attention and education. With younger students, she uses songs that she wrote herself, in order to allow the material to stick. She has also developed learning materials specifically for students with no previous experience in Chinese, effectively allowing them to learn the most vocabulary in the least amount of time to attain a comfortable level of basic Chinese speaking and reading.

Hu K

Kung Fu Teacher

Hu Kangni - Kung fu Teacher

Ms. Hu has been a member of the Chinese Wushu Association and the Chinese Tai Chi Association. She has also served as the Vice Chairman of the Professional Tai Chi Committee. Kang Ni Hu began practicing martial arts at the age of 8, where she studied various styles of martial arts including Shaolin, Emei, Wudang, boxing, etc. From then, she has had 40+ years of experience in practicing as well as teaching martial arts. In 2002, Ms. Hu was rewarded the Coaches award in teaching Kungfu. For the past two years, she has run five health Tai Chi classes and three Young Martial Arts classes. Her students at the Great Wall Enrichment center have garnered 10 medals including 5 gold medals at the United States Chinese Wushu Championships.

Cao Y

Kungfu Teacher

Cao Yong - Kung fu Teacher

Mr. Cao is from the Wushu Institute in Beijing. He has been trained in martial arts his entire life, and received a BA from the Beijing University of Sport Education, where he trained under an extensive number of martial arts masters including Mr. Wu Bin (Jet Li’s teacher). Mr. Cao is a part of China’s Wuying-class athletes (the highest class that a martial arts master can achieve), and has won the prestigious national “Warrior Cup” Wushu Competition. He was also the runner-up at the Beijing Wushu championship. Four dozen of his students have held championship titles in national youth competitions—the National Martial Art Schools Championship and the Asian Junior Wushu Championship. He now teaches at the Great Wall Enrichment Centers.

M Otloski

Ballet Teacher

Mark Otloski - Ballet Teacher

Mr. Otloski has been dancing since childhood, and received rigorous ballet training under the Russian ballet system. After graduation, he joined the prestigious San Jose Ballet, and danced with them for 22 years, before becoming a ballet teacher in Cleveland. He has choreographed innovative modern dances, integrating his traditional dance training with new directions and new developments in dance, securing him access to the Ohio Dance Education Fund. Mark Otloski has been teaching at the Great Wall Enrichment Center for the past two years, and the number of students in his class has doubled in that time.

B Sterbank

Music Teacher

Barbara Serbak - Music Teacher

Mrs. Sterbank is the head of Singing Angels, Cleveland’s largest choir of children. She has had over 30 years of teaching experience in choral and vocal music. Aside from English song rehearsal, she also exposes these children to singing in different languages including Chinese. Barbara teaches with clarity and is well organized, and the class is well received by the students.

M Joelson

Chess Teacher

Michael Joelson - Chess Teacher

Mr. Joelson is a certified ChessMaster, and an Ohio State Champion in Chess. He is the founder of Progress with Chess, Ohio’s largest Chess education institution. He has been teaching chess at the Great Wall Enrichment Centers for two years and since then, the number of students learning chess has tripled. Under his guidance, seven students from the Great Wall Enrichment Center have been awarded a total of 20 trophies from chess competitions; several students from Great Wall are now ranked in the top 15 chess players in the k-12 category in the state of Ohio.